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Cultivating mindfulness through planning, organising & simple decluttering activities

Clutter is a suffocating presence. Clutter is chaos. It can be overwhelming but the good news is that it can be conquered with a little bit of focus & attention. Afterall to be fair, clutter is simply a delayed decision and on the other side of it awaits a feeling of peace & calm. A feeling of being in charge, a feeling of contentment. Our aim is to help you get there by building mindful habits.

Decluttering begins with a shift in mindset

Decluttering begins with a shift in mindset

There are endless organising hacks & products out there, but real Decluttering is deeper than that. It begins with a shift in mindset and the easiest place to work on your mindset is in your journal. A place where you can make sense of your thoughts, a place of zero judgement, a place where you can be you.

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